Lathe Cuts, etc...

The One Kind Favor Lathe Cut Series

Lathe cuts are home-made vinyl records that are produced by cutting the music directly onto the disc, one at a time, without utilizing a stamper.  It is an expensive and time-consuming process, thus the cost is significantly higher than that of a normal record. Lathe cuts may exhibit a few audio anomalies, but are generally charming and collectible artifacts.  Each One Kind Favor lathe cut is assembled by hand and is produced in an edition of only 27 copies.  Usually these releases will be "fan club" editions and should be purchased with this in mind.  Past OKF lathe cuts have sold out in less than 48 hours.

Cathy Viger "Have Faith" 
Single Sided Lathe Cut 7"
Limited to 27 copies


Single-sided lathe cut reissue of this 1973 song by Cathy Viger, a Xian folksinger from Maine who managed to record at least one all-time-killer tune. For fans of Nico and female psych folk, although I doubt this lady ever touched a drug in her life. This tune has meant a lot to me since I first heard it a half-decade ago and I figured it would provide some inspiration and reassurance to the world at large. The track is available for free streaming and download right here:

We Are The Guinea Pigs 
Soundtrack by The Fourth Wall
Lathe cut vinyl 8"
Limited to 27 copies with homemade covers.


A short soundtrack to the 1980 documentary film "We Are The Guinea Pigs" (dir. Joan Harvey) which deals with the aftermath of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster.  The music is by an unnamed band of New Yorkers associated with the Fourth Wall theater group.  The raw music is reminiscent of the "Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa" LP (1974), which in turn recalls Neil Young's "Ditch Trilogy," but the sole focus of the lyrics is the evils of nuclear energy.  The music is political and some of the lyrics land with an odd tailspin.  In addition to being highly unpolished, at the time of the film's release the music was considered to be in poor taste.

''We Are the Guinea Pigs'' occasionally cuts to a rock band, which performs topical songs. ''Leukemia and cancer have already taken their toll/ Do you wanna die young, do you wanna grow old?'' one lyric goes. This band seems well intentioned, but its music can't help trivializing a gravely serious subject. -- from the New York Times review of the film

Whatever New York Times, listen for yourself:

Looking back, there is much to be enjoyed about the sounds of this rag tag pick-up band singing about a cause they believe in.

OKF 007:  One Kind Favor proudly presents a limited edition lathe cut 7" reissue of the complete discography of  Girls With Attitude, a band from Montreal that got their fifteen minutes back in the year 2000 thanks to a handful of songs that spread like wildfire through the cruel spheres of internet "humor" sites.  The most succinct description of the GWA sound might read "The Shaggs of the Mp3 generation."  While their music hits on some of the same amateur vibes as those New Hampshire legends, it is also much more unintentionally psychedelic.  Imagine a gaggle of eight pre-teen girls huddled around a mysterious keyboard capable of imitating funky synthesizer lines and wah-wah guitar solos in the same breath, all singing in unison through a karaoke machine with the echo turned all the way up.  GWA attracted the attention of Time Magazine who said "The Internet has given an audience to thousands of talentless musicians who don't even deserve a garage to play in.  'There's Nothing in My Dreams,' the latest single by Girls With Attitude, consists entirely of a prepubescent girl moaning tunelessly about puppies over an all-Casio backing track".  No need for any more description, just listen to the complete EP on the youtube fan video and decide for yourself.  This release is limited to 27 copies on lathe cut vinyl with color labels.  The vinyl is housed in a xerox paper sleeves featuring a hand drawn interpretation of the orignal GWA logo.  SOLD OUT

OKF 005: "J&H Productions gettin' in touch with the label industry, pertaining to shows that J&H Productions will be giving indoors and outdoors in the stadiums and the coliseums in the city pertaining to Cincinnati..."  Ultra limited single-sided lathe cut "reissue" of this legendary 1980s promo tape.  The original cassette was addressed to Motown, Warner Bros. and Capitol Records and the man who recorded it appears to be attempting to organize a large music event or series of variety events à la "Cavalcade of Stars."  I'm not exactly certain what this bizarre fellow is really hoping to accomplish, but it soon becomes clear that our unknown speaker is an unintentional sound poet.  It's impossible to put into words what exactly makes this so captivating, but I can say that the repetition of certain words and phrases during the recording's thirteen and half minutes creates an ebb and flow that this listener finds utterly entrancing.  "I hope that I can hear a respond back from you pertaining to this tape explaining as far as the contracts and having someone come or send someone with a show and giving me tickets to come to talk to them pertaining to a contract pertaining to these stars".  I hope you'll take the plunge and discover the inherent musicality of our ambitious speaker.  Only 27 copies made, each one features a hand stamped "lyrics sheet." SOLD OUT

A further note on lathe cuts: If you are experiencing any audio problems (especially jumping or skipping) try adding more weight to your turntable's arm.  Usually there is a setting on your turntable, but taping a coin to the head the cartridge can also have the same effect on cheaper models.

Art Edition Test Pressings

The entire run of test pressings for each OKF release are offered as special editions housed in jackets with hand drawn or collaged artwork.

Sold Out
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth "All Roads Lead to DOME" LP - edition of 27 test pressings with original color artwork paste-on covers by Danny Cruz.
Sound Ceremony "Guitar Star" LP - edition of 5 numbered tests pressings
Mark Alexander McIntyre "Grapes" LP - edition of 5 numbered test presses - clear vinyl
Tracey Trance "Pyper Kub" LP - edition of 5 numbered test pressings
Kenneth Higney "Attic Demo." LP - edition of 4 numbered & 1 un-numbered tests
Sound Ceremony LP - edition of 3 numbered & 1 un-numbered tests on colored vinyl
Daniel Bachman "Oh Be Joyful" LP - edition of 4 numbered test pressings
Kenneth Higney "Funky Kinky" 7" - edition of 5 numbered test pressings

Cassette & CD-R

Sold Out
Black Chicken / Tracey Trance / Savage Young Taterbug March 2012 C90 MP3
One Kind Favor Mix Tape January 2012 limited to 66 copies in hand stamped cardstock wrappers. Songs from OKF 001, OKF 002, OKF 003, OKF 007 & OKF 008