Sound Ceremony Guitar Star OKF 011 LP
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First time vinyl reissue of the Outsider, Real People, proto-punk fuzz of Sound Ceremony's first record, Guitar Star. From the mid 1970s to the early 1980s multi-instrumentalist Ron Warren Ganderton (guitar, harmonica, keyboards and piano) along with a rotating cast of accompanists (including future members of the Pretenders, late period progressive rockers Quasar, and Subway Sect) created a hard to narrowly define, small catalog of sounds praised by private-press hunters, esoteric appreciators and “out of time” searchers. Ganderton’s output holds echoes of monotone mavens like proto-punks Jonathan Richman and Lou Reed, similarities to cult-raved acts such as Armand Schaubroeck and Kenneth Higney, and carries a loose influence of the ‘talking blues’ tradition while maintaining a uniqueness and singularity laced with ‘60s fuzz, primitive and skittering rhythms, and alternately confrontational and heart-on-sleeve topicality—thusly eking out its own sonic territory with a population of one. To put it down succinctly, just like a period advertisement did, Ron Warren Ganderton is, “One of rock’s individuals.” Originally released circa 1978. Insert with detailed liner notes from Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things / Got Kinda Lost), plus rare photos. One time pressing of 500 black vinyl. Sample a few songs or download the complete album HERE.

Kenneth Higney Funky Kinky b/w 
I Wanna Be The King OKF 004 7"
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Official reissue of Kenneth Higney's 1980 private press 45rpm single. Compared to Attic Demonstration, the recordings are much more polished.  Originally planned for release on Ork Records, synthesizers and "pop sensibility" have found their way into Higney's music, and the more I listen to it, I'm convinced this could have somehow taken the world by storm in some sort of post-No Wave context.  Don't get me wrong, this is still incredibly strange stuff, with Higney triple tracking his vocals in different registers. "Funky Kinky" is an especially unique come-on to a lady and "I Wanna Be The King" is an "ode or tribute, whatever you'd like to call it, to the NYC punk scene of Max's Kansas City and CBGB's in general and Johnny Thunders (the "King") in particular," according to the artist.  "I wanna be the king, I wanna play guitar.  I hate the sissy music of John Den-var."  Higney goes on to say:

In June of 1980 Kebrutney released a seven inch single of "I Wanna Be The King" b/w/ "Funky Kinky."  This was my shot at being a performing writer and these were my first recordings done with the intent of being released to the general public. They were not demos. My thinking was to release a "double A side," which was reflected by the catalog numbers on the label: "KBH-516RAS" for "I Wanna Be The King" was the rock ("R") side and "KBH-516FAS" was the funk ("F") side.  A monster record which drowned in the swamp after being chased by the villagers.

Limited edition one time pressing of 500 copies in paper sleeves with polybag.  Listen

All Roads Lead to DOME 
(Mabel Flav Records)
Vinyl LP ltd. to 300 copies 
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Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth (FDOME) is a band of misfit children and adults who have been holding weekly “practices” for the last eight years at a teen center in the mildly dilapidated town of Turners Falls, Massachusetts.  Their new LP is exclusively distributed by One Kind Favor.  I feel like Volcanic Tongue’s David Keenan has described the band better than I could so I’m going to let him talk for a minute:

Led by wheelchair-bound ‘band shaman’ Danny Cruz and consisting of a rotating group of non-musicians, psychedelic drop-outs, teenage metalheads, kids with Down Syndrome etc, Flaming Dragons play a form of super crude/sophisticated free rock ala The Godz or even a punk-primitive Arkestra but with Cruz’s stunning, oracular vocals giving them a mainline to the freak flag style of prime Captain Beefheart, Roky Erickson and Wasa Wasa-era Broughton. Cruz’s instant lyric inventions are as mind-boggling as your favourite medium while the group lurch around on staggering brokedown rhythms somewhere between early-Sabbath, Robbie Yeats of The Dead C and The Shaggs. Their material ranges from stripped-down raps to lumbering psychedelic rock, as well as free-form freakouts w/lyrics that obsess over murder, bloodshed, astral creeps and, uh, Joni Mitchell... indeed Cruz makes most ‘sound poets’ sound like children’s entertainers.

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OKF 010
"I Bake Your Pardon? I Never Promised You An Avant-Garden"  OKF 010 book
by Joeri Bruyninckx


One Kind Favor's first foray into printed matter, a book of Interviews conducted by Belgian music writer Joeri Bruyninckx.  Subjects include: Richard Youngs, Matthew Bower (Skullflower), Id M Theft AbleBill Orcutt (Harry Pussy)Keith Fullerton Whitman, Mad Nanna, Cave Bears, Spencer Clark (The Skaters), Kevin Drumm, El-GLeyland Kirby (V/Vm)Billy BaoPaul Labrecque (Sunburned Hand of the Man), Mama Bar, Nathan Bowles (Pelt), Tim Goss (The Shadow Ring) and others.  All of the artists are in a class of their own and the interviews are very thoughtful and revealing.  Very excited about this one as some of these have only been published in translation, and never in their original English form.  Produced in a handsome chapbook style with cover art by Malcy Duff. Bruyninckx's work has appeared in Foxy Digitalis, Ruis Magazine and other respected print and online publications. Limited edition one time printing of 200 copies.  Review of the zine in the Village Voice.

M.A.M. Grapes
Mark Alexander McIntyre Grapes OKF 009 LP

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The second LP by the mysterious Mark Alexander McIntyre. Don't let the floral artwork fool you, M.A.M.'s Grapes is one of the bleakest records I've ever heard and I'm incredibly "pleased" to be hoisting this slab of depression upon you all. This is a very down-and-out album of original songs written from the point of view of man who seems to be close to the void, or perhaps already within its deathly grips, reaching out to us with his weary, wraithlike voice. The songs seem to be interconnected, with the same characters and themes appearing on multiple cuts. Some of the lyrics deal with pain and loss obliquely, while others confront the harshness of reality head on: stomach problems, factory work, cancer treatment. Most of the material is recorded onto a wavering and echoey tape machine with just acoustic guitar, but as the album progresses, electric instruments and a full band cut through the fog. It's truly a harrowing work, but one that I've been unable to stop listening to since I received these murky recordings nearly two years ago as an unsolicited demo tape.  Volcanic Tongue called Grapes "one of the premier outsider all-alone folk/psych burnout albums of the goddamn decade" and featured it as their February 2014 Tip of the Tongue.  Limited edition one time pressing of 300 LPs is SOLD OUT here at the source and also from Forced Exposure (US) and Volcanic Tongue (UK). The artist still has a very limited number of copies left. You can sample four songs or download the complete album for $5 here.

Tracey Trance Pyper Kub OKF 006 LP

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In today's world of "internet presence," the music of Tracey Trance is as "real people" as it gets.  When Tracey (AKA Tyler, longtime resident of Hangtown, USA) does happen to get on a computer, it's only to spin rainbow colored poetry to a friend or figure out the next spot he's gonna park his truck.  Although he's been granted releases on such taste making labels as Not Not Fun and Night People, he's turned in lo-fi home recordings that are difficult to pin down in any one time, place or genre.  Pyper Kub is his debut long playing vinyl and it is a startling and heartfelt departure from the hypnagogic keyboard recordings that many have enjoyed over the last few years. This is a song based record, focusing mainly on guitar, bass and vocals.  There's a little Slang Tang, some serious wah-wah, a dollop of Joe Walsh circa But Seriously, Folks...  and there's a lot of Tyler's odd, elfish spirit.  A collection of road songs that plays out in some sort 70s mirror universe.  My favorite finds our hero contemplating the fine line between freedom and imprisonment while a K-9 unit searches his truck.  This record has a way of growing on you, and I've played my copy of the original ultra-limited cassette release countless times.  Nifty vinyl co-release with Trd W/dHot ReleasesFeeding Tube RecordsFaux Pas Recordings, L'animaux Tryst Canada Goose Tapes. Edition of 700 cream colored vinyl. Each label will provide a different limited edition sticker to go on the front cover. Stream two songs or download the complete album on the One Kind Favor bandcamp.

Daniel Bachman Oh Be Joyful OKF 003 LP

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They say that Fredericksburg, VA is the most haunted city in America and it's sons have surely been imbued with the spirit of the American Primitive guitar.  The distinct sounds you will hear on Oh Be Joyful are inspired by the traditions and lore of Fredericksburg, also the hometown of Jack Rose (may God watch over his soul).  This is the second full length LP by steel string guitarist Daniel Bachman (who formerly recorded and performed as Sacred Harp).  Though young in years, he plays with a technical facility and emotional depth equal to that of the greatest fingerstylists.  His discography is already full of strong releases, but this new recording is the first I've heard to fully capture the intimate beauty that many have witnessed in his live acoustic performances across the country.  Authenticity has been a issue that has plagued folk music for much of the 20th century and these days anyone can pick up a style that was previously known only to a few mountainfolk.  While Bachman's playing is surely reminiscent of the spiritual searching sound of Robbie Basho, and indeed the spectre of Fahey looms large, he is no Johnny-come-lately.  There is a real open and, dare we say, "Psychedelic" vibe to Bachman's playing that elevates it out of the realm of tradition and into the "now."  Limited edition one time pressing of 500 copies. Stream or download the complete album from the One Kind Favor bandcamp.

Sound Ceremony s/t OKF 002 LP  

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"We bring to your attention, an invitation to the bizarre."  Released in 1979, this record surely fits somewhere into the UK punk explosion of the day, but it's also looks back to the mid-sixties rock that singer and guitarist Ron Warren Ganderton cut his teeth on and ahead to some sort of maniac future form of entertainment that perhaps has not been invented yet. Ganderton's mildly "out of it" stream of consciousness lyrics show a clear lack of self-censorship and that's really one of the albums strongest assets. He has created this character of himself as a huge rock star and a sex symbol, and who are we to deny his claims? The band chugs along amiably as Ganderton covers such topics as his beating heart (it's made of rock), his distaste for education (he'd prefer to teach a lesson in bed) and his electric brain (which happens to be insane). If you've never heard a singer do a count-off all the way up to seventeen, then now is your big chance! Features what is perhaps the greatest anti-cigarette song of all time. Official reissue on high quality vinyl with outstanding remastered sound.  Limited edition one time pressing of 500 copies. Stream five songs or download the complete album on the OKF bandcamp page.  More info and photo galleries here.

Kenneth Higney Attic Demonstration OKF 001 LP

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Often considered the Holy Grail of "real people" records, Kenneth Higney's Attic Demonstration was never actually intended to be an official release. It was recorded in New York City by Higney and his accompanist Gordon Gaines (R.I.P.) as a vehicle with which to sell Higney's songs to other artists and was only pressed to vinyl in 1976 when he grew tired of duplicating cassette tapes. Apparently the Jandekian dissonance of the A. Demo. sound was an unintended by-product of the one take demo sessions. Be that as it may, Attic Demonstration is a strange sonic world all of it's own.  Acoustic guitar ballads of nearly atonal desolation mix readily with rock 'n' roll numbers featuring hiccuping drums and alien sounding electric guitar.  All this from a New Jersey truck driver!  Official reissue on high quality vinyl remastered from the original tapes with liner notes by Kenneth Higney.  The reissue was Volcanic Tongue's January 2012 Tip of the Tongue. Second and final pressing of 400 copies available now (identical to first pressing of 500, which is sold out). If you order the LP you'll get a free copy of the reissue of Higney's 1980 single Funky Kinky. You can also order the 7" separately.  Listen.

More info on sold out lathe cuts and special editions here.

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