J&H Productions

J&H Productions 10" Lathe Cut
"J&H Productions gettin' in touch with the label industry, pertaining to shows that J&H Productions will be giving indoors and outdoors in the stadiums and the coliseums in the city pertaining to Cincinnati..." 

Ultra limited single-sided lathe cut "reissue" of this legendary 1980s promo tape.  The original cassette was addressed to Motown, Warner Bros. and Capitol Records and the man who recorded it appears to be attempting to organize a large music event or series of variety events à la "Cavalcade of Stars."  I'm not exactly certain what this bizarre fellow is really hoping to accomplish, but it soon becomes clear that our unknown speaker is an unintentional sound poet.  It's impossible to put into words what exactly makes this so captivating, but I can say that the repetition of certain words and phrases during the recording's thirteen and half minutes creates an ebb and flow that this listener finds utterly entrancing.  "I hope that I can hear a respond back from you pertaining to this tape explaining as far as the contracts and having someone come or send someone with a show and giving me tickets to come to talk to them pertaining to a contract pertaining to these stars".  I hope you'll take the plunge and discover the inherent musicality of our ambitious speaker.  Only 27 copies made, each one features a hand stamped "lyrics sheet." SOLD OUT